‘Blow up meets Marianne Faithful’


Iraina Mancini started writing songs and collecting records at a young age. Her look and sound has been heavily inspired by 60s/70s Cinema, French YeYe girls such as Sylvie Vatan , Jacqueline Taieb and Francoise Hardy as well as hints of Psychedelia and Pop.

Working with legendary producer / co writer Jagz Kooner at his infamous EchoPlex Studios in London and featuring a collaboration of talented musician this is Iraina’s first release.


 'Undercover 'is a little slice of french 60s inspired pop, with Bond esq. brass and sweeping strings, powerful vocals and a tip to Serg Gainsbourg's rhythm section.'

Debut single "undercover" out now on all major platforms..

As seen in "Temperley London" campaign..